Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Simply Vintage

Simply Vintage is my favourite magazine.
I think Issue 11 Summer 2014 is particularly wonderful and contains lots of projects I want to make including this one which is called Tree of Love and is designed by Marg Low

I have trouble sleeping so at 4.00am I was up doing the prep on this project so I can take it to sew at NOTY tomorrow.
I'm adding the word Noel as I thought it would make a lovely Christmas project.

I am so in love with these gorgeous pillowcases.
We must thank fabulous Mary of At Home on the Bay for sharing a tutorial on how to make them HERE.
Another day playing with Henry for me.  This always makes me so happy.  Hope your day is happy too.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A new mini

I'm turning my August Stitching with Rosie project into a mini.  
I'm using some of Rosie's new fabric range which I bought at Gail B's.   It features tiny teeny weeny hexagons.

Here is a Link to a really sweet little project.  Pop over to Craft Designer For Hire for a multitude of projects.
Hope there is time for some stitching in your day

Monday, August 25, 2014

Flying hexie flowers

These little hexie flowers are flying off overseas to my August swap partner in the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap.  She asked for blue petals with yellow centres.

I love being in this swap as the hexies come from and go to everywhere, from Iceland to Portugal, the USA to Israel.  Lots of fun.
There is a great Halloween Parlour Quilt tutorial HERE at Michelle's Romantic Tangle. Thank you so much.

I have a couple of crows (or rather ravens as that's what we have here in Australia) who visit me every day.  They have become quite tame and I am very fond of them.

Little Henry has come over a little earlier than expected and is staying for a week so I'm not sure how much sewing I will get done this week but I know I will have lots of fun playing with him.
Hope you get to spend time with loved ones this week.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

For the present basket

Curses to my evil MS.  I've had a rotten week, stuck at home missing out on all the stitching fun.  

This is the swap item I made for today's Mill Rosie get together, but it will be going into the present basket instead as I'm too sick to go.  Sorry to whinge - I try not to do it too often.  One consolation is I plan to eat all those lovely colour co-ordinated sweeties myself, whilst catching up on some blog reading.

At the moment I'm concentrating on getting well so I can have fun with Henry next Wednesday.  It is definitely something to look forward to.

This project is as cute as they come.
Here is the LINK to wonderful Gingermelon Dolls.  Wonderful, whimsical, charming - it is a great place to visit.
Have the happiest Saturday ever

PS A very big speedy recovery wish to lovely Tania, who had her gallbladder out yesterday.  I'm sure doggy kisses from gorgeous little Ollie will help her feel better very soon.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Inchy Hexie Flower Swap

I am a member of the Inchy Hexie Flower Swap and today I was delighted to receive three beautiful flowers from Gayle.  I love them all.  My granny's garden swap quilt is going to feature red and pink flowers sewn at random as they are received.  It is looking pretty good so far.
Gayle included the most gorgeous hexie card too.  Big big thanks to lovely Gayle.
Pete the Bear has stolen my heart.
And we are all really lucky because Abby shares his pattern HERE on her wonderful blog, While She Naps.  Many many thanks to Abby.
I'm looking forward to watching Outlander this evening.  Hope your evening is fun too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

There is always an upside

I've not been well over the last couple of days, which has meant I have been stuck at home, but there is always an upside as its given me time to work on the gorgeous stitchery Rosie gave us last Thursday in the Stitching with Rosie class at Gail B's.  I am hoping to finish it this evening, just a few more stems to stitch.

This gorgeous stitchery design, which you can find by following this LINK
is part of the Ruby Market Tote very kindly shared on Clover and Violet.

Clover and Violet is a brilliant blog where Jennie and Clara share so much with us.  Huge thanks to both ladies.
Hope you are having a wonderful day

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Playing with the Buttons

I had lots of fun at Saturday's Theodora Cleave workshop so I thought I would share a bit of what I made.
Gift tags


These will have some little stitched words added then be backed with some of Fiona's beautiful felted wool and become little minis.
And a painted frame.  And a sweet little painted peg.
And a painted gift box.
I also purchased a little book of the most divine little stitcheries.

We also spray stencilled, but I somehow managed to lose this piece of fabric.  It is probably blowing around the streets of Ringwood East somewhere. 
Todays's link is to a simple mesh bag shared on The Inspired Wren.  Great for when you are packing for a trip.  Just follow this LINK.  Huge thanks to Ren for all she shares with us.
Hope you are fitting some stitching into your day.

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